Seeding Sugar Snap Peas and Garden Updated

May 25, 2020 I gathered 5 or 6 containers and put them on the edge of the garden by the fencing and put two rows in each pot, about four seeds each spaced perhaps two inches apart. This is kind willy-nilly so we will see how they pop up! Otherwise, garden is looking really good. […]

Putting Seeds and Starts in Containers

May 22, 2020 I filled out the many containers now dotting the big plot. I also filled in pretty much the rest of the four rows in the big plot with various items. The four big containers on the side of the front porch have (from back to front): Beets Mustard Brussel Sprouts Carrot Touchan […]

Filling out the Big Plot

May 22, 2020 I sowed a bunch more seeds today. Earlier this week, I filled up a bunch of random pots and containers I found on the side of the road. Big score. That gave way for maybe 10-20 more areas for a plant to grow. Although now I have to step around something to […]

Planting Potatoes, Berries and a few more

May 16, 2020 Today I took care of a few miscellaneous tasks and fell pretty good about where things are at. There are a few sprouts in the ground, I think the frost danger has passed. I cleared out a bunch of old raspberry canes. Then I transplanted two blueberry bushes and two blackberry plants […]