Filling In The Empty Spots

Somehow, there has always been empty spots in the garden. I’m hoping that this latest round of seeds and transplants changes that. Indoor setup is going really well. I finally have that figured out to the point where my baby seedlings aren’t dying. Bottom-watering is the key, for sure. I don’t think I have it […]

Seeding, weeding, harvesting!

June 16, 2020 Let’s see… I want to journal as much as I can but there is a lot going on! Let’s start with seeding then. After over three weeks, my mesclun mix, taking over an entire half row, hasn’t sprouted. Not a one. Very frustrating. So I put down a varied mix. I think […]

Another Round of Seeds, Restarting the Indoor Grow Room

June 11, 2020 I got the seeds out, and the containers out, and went for another round of starts. I don’t know what to expect here, and if I’ll be transplanting all of these, or if they’ll all die! I think I have a better method, learning all the time… I filled up two squares […]

Couple More Seeds, Couple More Transplants, One Month Update With Pics

Saturday June 6, 2020 I put a couple transplants in the garden, and filled in the rest of the containers with seeds. The main plot is looking really full! All of the rows and containers are full. Transplants: Squash: 1st row (near the front – roadside), where the broccoli hasn’t appeared to come up. And […]