Building The Garden

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

This has been a lot of work. Today was the day that the garden was built to actually support usage, although tomorrow probably begins the process of enhancing, repairing, and modifying.

Here are the specs:

  • Main garden is 30′ by 12′ with four mounds about 1′ high and 18″ wide
  • Garden box is 14′ by 2′ and 10″ high made out of untreated cheap 1×10 pine boards
  • Purchased 10 cubic yards of “Garden Blend” from Duluth Dirt
    • Garden Blend a mix of 2/3 black dirt and 1/3 compost, tested for vegetable growing conditions
  • Fence around the perimeter with light poultry netting

The heaping pile of sod that was dug up from the side yard.


First load of dirt arrived – 5 cubic yards of Garden Blend from Duluth Dirt.

The dump truck dropping the other 5 cubic yards of dirt.

First bucketfuls of dirt to form the first mound

Lots of dirt, but lots of side yard to fill in, two 5 gallon pails at a time.

4 mounds formed in good time, lots of dirt to go.

The mounds the next day after drying out a bit, and after moving all of the sod pile to make way for compost in the back end.

Lots of dirt left, little bit of sod to get picked up from the free ad.

Fence is up.

Front yard box: 14′ long, 2′ wide and made of 1×10″ cheapo pine boards.


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