Filling out the Big Plot

May 22, 2020

I sowed a bunch more seeds today. Earlier this week, I filled up a bunch of random pots and containers I found on the side of the road. Big score. That gave way for maybe 10-20 more areas for a plant to grow. Although now I have to step around something to get to anything.

I planted the rest of the second row from the house. From the front of the yard (where the onions and peas got planted a couple days back) to the back:

Chives Garlic

Bunching Onion





I put seeds in almost all of the containers in the walking row closest to the house. The first couple pots are empty still, but then I planted (from front yard to back):








I also planted seeds in the second row from the neighbor’s house. I planted the back half of the row with Lettuce Mesclun Mix. It has, like 17 different varieties, so I just sprinkled a bunch of seeds in a line and we’ll see what comes up!

In other news, I transplanted some strawberries from the neighbor’s yard. One is looking good, one is looking bad, and the middle is OK. The berry bush transplants seem to be doing just fine, which is great because they were expensive! Either way, they’re small… I might try to propagate them somehow… they probably need to grow more first, though.

The first row I planted, now just one day over two weeks ago, are all coming up nicely. It is super exciting. Very small yet. I am watering once in the morning, a nice even spray.

DIY makeshift watering can. It works great.

The indoor grow operation is failing terribly. Sheesh. How demoralizing. I got everything perfect, and the seedlings were looking really good! Then the most recent ones to pop up… I think they were tomatoes, kind of keeled over right away and looked like they were going to die. One big strong black bean had big leaves popping out, but then they started to curl under. And the herb tray that was starting to sprout all starting wilting. Boom, boom, boom… and I knew something was going wrong. What the heck? Temp right, humidity right. I think I was watering too much. I was spraying those babies twice a day, a nice heavy soak. I now know that perhaps watering from the bottom may be a more effective method. Back to the drawing board. I barely checked on the seedlings today out of frustration. I don’t know if I should just kill them or keep it going. I need the containers if I want to try again!!


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