This website chronicles the life and times of me, Mike Ward. The inspiration for a personal website stemmed from something I thought was cool: web development. After all, a website is a cool way to disseminate relevant and interesting information, so why not!

Some of my hobbies include endurance racing, music production, growing food and brewing beer. I enjoy anything active in the great outdoors–disc golf, snowboarding and skateboarding, backpacking, and rock climbing. My perfect day would probably be embarking on a cool adventure.

Anything is open game, though. To describe myself in two words would be: “Easily Obsessed.” Hopefully this website isn’t as lame as this About Me page, but feel free to explore as far as you can, and enjoy!

Stats and Facts:

Born: 2/22/1989, Naples, Florida

High School: Maple Grove Senior High School, Maple Grove, MN
College: University of Minnesota – Duluth
• Major: Bachelor of Business Administration – Marketing
• Minor: Communications, Finance

Employment: DBS Repair – Account Manager
Current Residence: Duluth, Minnesota

Height: 5′ 10.75″
Weight: 155 pounds
Shoe size: 12

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