New Strength Routine

I’ve devised a strength routine to keep one healthy during hiking and running, which can be damaging to one’s body.

EDIT – Strength Routine dec 18 (click to download), with some glute-focused exercises. This is a great 30-minute workout that I do 5 days a week.

New Strength Routine (click to download), which is a watered down version of the regular version Strength Routine. The first and second rounds only require a stretchy band, and the third round only an exercise ball or couch or mattress, etc…

First Round

Ankle band: 25 reps, 4 ways (left, right, gas pedal, upwards)

Planks: forwards :60, side :60 each, back :60

Superman planks: 10 reps each side

Side plank hip-ups: 10 reps each side

Bicycle: 0:60

Mason Twist: 50 reps

Scissors: 10 reps (:10 each)

Clamshell: 25 reps each side, reverse: 25 reps each side

Jane Fonda: 20 reps each side

Donkey kick: 20 reps each side

Single leg hip lifts: 20 reps each side

Second Round

Kicking toe touches: 2x 20 reps

Side leg swings: 20 reps each side

Standing knee raises: 40 reps each side

Balance and reach: 15 reps each side

Single leg squats: 20 reps each side

Split jump squats: 20 reps

+ jumps: 10 reps each side

Single calf raises: 12 reps each side

Third Round

Mountain climbers: 25 reps

Reverse bridges: 20 reps each side


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