W is my first real music project besides a couple of crappy garage bands when I was a little kid. It started when I got the hang at a video game called MTV Music Generator for PlayStation 1. The video game is essentially a PlayStation version of Fruity Loops. You can plop the sounds you wanted into a grid and press play. It is super simple at the basic level, but you could get pretty deep into it and make songs that were pretty customized.

During high school, I made some songs that had relatively good cohesion, so I did a sketchy transfer to my parent’s desktop computer and named it W – “Sounds From Above.” Yes, the sound quality is primitive. Yes, everything about this project is pretty primitive. But I like to listen to this album with headphones and my eyes closed. Try it sometime!

Then, over the last few years, I’ve been putting together more video game songs through the GarageBand app on my iPad. I wanted to keep the same genre–video game music. Check out W’s second album, Flying on a Plain.


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