Superior Hiking Trail Thru-Hike 2019

After thru-hiking the Superior Hiking Trail in 2016 and finishing a handful of ultramarathon-distance trail runs (many on the SHT), I couldn’t really get the idea of going for a fully supported thru-hike out of my mind. I set a plan in motion and the big hike is going down on May 23-27, 2019.

4 miles per hour is the cornerstone of training and planning. There are two phases to preparing for the May thru-hike: training phase and racing phase. Training starts in October 2018 and the goes through February. Click Here to see my training plan. That plan is a general marathon running plan, more or less, with a “long trip” every four weeks. I wanted to plan some sort of thru-hike simulation of increasing distance every four weeks, practicing a 15 minute per mile average on the SHT.

Long Trips:

March begins the race phase, with two races strategically scheduled to catapult my body and mind to where they need to be to thru-hike fast. Click Here to see my training plan. March 9 is Antelope Canyons 55k in Page, AZ. April 12 is Zumbro 100 Mile. Click Here to see my racing page.